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Gene J Polanco
Year of birth approx.: 1948
Last contactCountry: United States, Town: Miami Florida,
Other characteristics:
   Last known profession: private investigator
   Grew up in: Miami Florida or Hialeah fl
Notes: We spoke on the phone in 1981, we were good friends i have an illness and want to contact.His first name is Eugenio, but uses gene. He used to lease his cars.birthday is Nov.3 or 13 '48
Please contact: Anne Huntington now, Carpenter before  , formerly tepedino,  gene knows me by Huntington, tel.501-679-7668 He was very close with my daughter Tweety, she wants to find him also,he may be married now.
Other information: Gene had a space between his front teeth and had it filled in. He told me,our last chat. He would be happy to hear from me.I moved alot. he didnt. my illness has no cure.that is why.
14.04.2002 05:55:20

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