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Amy Ziebarth, formerly Ziebarth
Year of birth approx.: 1961
Last contactCountry: United States, Town: Summit, Year: 1992
Other characteristics:
   Last known place of residence: Summit, NJ
   Last known profession: Administrator at Kent Place School,Summit,NJ
   Grew up in: Bernardsville
Notes: Amy is one of the people I've known who has left a lasting impression on me- her integrity, her mind and sensitivity, her beauty, her friendship- I miss knowing her- seeing her face- I want to know if she is alright and settled in her life-where she is.
Please contact: James Cronin   I'm assisting my father with everything- he's 88 and going blind- I am creating digital art, using digital photography and computer generated images to paint with light in quantum electrodynamic rendering ie cyber art shit
Other information: Hello, Amy, If you get this, know that I know your strength and heart and always think about you. I know that I am considered a fool and a pariah in certain circles, and it no longer fucks with my soul with so much grief-dying to know r u ok?
21.03.2002 00:08:41

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