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Camila Bento, formerly Fernandes-Bento
Year of birth approx.: 1983
Last contactCountry: Brazil, Town: Florianopolis, Year: Not sure
Other characteristics:
   Last known place of residence: Fort Lauderdale
   Last known profession: waitress
   Grew up in: Florianopolis,SC, Brazil
   Went to college: University de Santa Catarina
Notes: Last contact was an e-mail thanking me for a gift that I gave to her before she went to NYC. I am searcing for her just to know she is ok. She touched the depths of my soul and I can not rest easy until I hear from her. Please help me!!
Please contact: Jonathan Williams   Camila is a very avid handball player, I know that she played a lot in Florianopolis, with a travel team. She is in her last semester of college, studying Economics at Santa Catarina University.
Other information: Is probably the sweetest girl you will ever meet. An energy that is just so intoxicating. I do know that she has a scar on her upper, torso, from a heart operation when she was younger. Has a tatto on her left leg, a chinese symbol for bravery.
12.11.2007 22:42:09

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