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Christopher Armando DeMeo
Year of birth approx.: 1965
Last contactCountry: United States, Town: Cooper City, Year: 1994
Other characteristics:
   Last known place of residence: Fort Lauderdale
   Last known profession: student
   Grew up in: Hialeah-Fl, Cooper City-Fl, United States
   Went to college: Broward Community College - Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Notes: I lost contact, cause I left my job and moved to Miramar, so I don't know where he is at, since his address changed and his phone number I lost
Please contact: Marcela Fernanda Cordero Loza   He can contact me at (954)435-2761, I will know if it's him if he tells me the name of my dog when I met him and the name of his dog, which I know.
Other information: Last time I spoke with him was in 1998 and we met and had lunch in Hollywood beach, I will like to know how he is doing, with his life. I now live really close by his old house in Cooper City.
09.05.2005 06:07:33

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